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When I first started taking care of my body, I had a million and one questions and no clue where to start. Even defining my goals felt far fetched. But as time passed, one thing led to the next; before long I was the one fielding questions from my family and friends. My expertise comes from experience and is a reflection of my ever-evolving journey to my best self. Read some of my favorite collaborations and get a head start on your journey by using my resources!

  1. How does working out affect your boobs? Listen up ladies, the twins are a major part of the picture when we're working out... here are my favorite tips for training chest to tone the tatas (through science!).

  2. 30 cheap home fitness products personal trainers rely on Health and fitness don't require a home chef, a navy seal commander, or even a membership to a gym. Check out these cheap home fitness products that personal trainers won't go without.

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